S:FLEX Continue Expansion of Distribution Network in Jordan

Veröffentlicht auf 30.09.2016
S:FLEX GmbH tap regional sunrise markets with the establishment of their new branch office. The focus areas of sales activities are Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. Amin Khaddash is to take charge of S:FLEX Middle East, located in Aman, Jordan.

"Up until now, these markets have been highly focussed on the segment of ground-mounted, large-scale power plants, but we are now seeing a significant increase in roof-mounted projects," said Bernhard Thiesbrummel, Managing Director of S:FLEX. "In light of this development, we see a very high potential in terms of sales with our broad product portfolio for applications on residential and industrial roofs." 

Rising number of subsidy programmes and acceptance of solar energy stimulate the industry

"Our customers appreciate German engineering know-how in conjunction with the safety of our certified products and the rapid availability thanks to our storage capacities on site," said Amin Khaddash, Managing Director of S:FLEX Middle East. Mr Khaddash has many years of experience in project planning, distribution and turnkey construction of PV systems in various solar markets, and was already able to win new customers such as MASE, ATG, Millennium Energy Industries and the Izzat Marji Group for the newly established S:FLEX branch office.

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