SMA Takes over Operational Management of 60MW PV Farm in Scandinavia

Veröffentlicht auf 23.08.2016
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SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA) is taking over complete technical operational management of PV farm in Denmark on behalf of WIRCON GmbH. The PV farm near Lerchenborg has been on the utility grid since December 2015, with an output of around 60MW. SMA has supplied the power plant with 1,750 Sunny Tripower 25000TL inverters.

The operational management contract includes continuous remote monitoring, regular maintenance, repairs and upkeep of the ground-based PV system. "We are delighted that WIRCON GmbH has increased its cooperation with SMA and placed us in charge of the operational management of the largest PV farm in Scandinavia. We possess the experience and skills to supervise the plant operation smoothly and reliably and to quickly identify and remedy any irregularities. As a result, we can ensure that the PV power plant is functioning perfectly at all times and generating the best possible yield," says Bernd Lamskemper, Head of Service EMEA at SMA.

"The company's long-standing expertise in inverters and experience in the operational management of large PV power plants in the megawatt range motivated us to intensify our cooperation with SMA Solar Technology AG," said Dr. Peter Vest, Managing Director of WIRCON GmbH, on conclusion of the contract. 

On the Baltic coast west of Copenhagen, WIRCON GmbH has installed 248,730 PV modules and 1,750 SMA string inverters in an area covering over 80 hectares, thereby having constructed the PV farm in Scandinavia. The Lerchenborg PV farm generates approximately 60 million kWh of electric current per year, which is enough energy to supply around 30,000 private households with solar power.

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