Ternienergia Connected 82.5MW PV Plant in South Africa

Veröffentlicht auf 28.04.2016
TerniEnergia announces that the first of the two "giant" photovoltaic worksites in South Africa has been completed. The PV plant has been connected to the national transmission grid managed by Eskom.

In particular, TerniEnergia Projects Pty Ltd has completed the construction of the PV plant in Paleisheuwel (for a total installed capacity of 82.5MW), in advance of the timeline envisaged by the final contracts for EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) and O&M (operation and maintenance) four-year and renewable term, and in compliance with the expected financial results.

The worksite of Paleisheuwel, which is spread over an area of 240 hectares, has employed more than 500 workers in the various functions for the installation of 611,000 photovoltaic PV panels, with a capacity between 125W and 140W. It were installed in total 101,850 structures, used 7 million kg of metallic carpentry and laid 3,000km of electric cables. 6 subcontractor companies were involved in the installation and TerniEnergia operated in compliance with the promotion of political participation in the economic life of "black people".

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