Vista Solar Installs 261kW Solar Solution at Classic Bowling Center

Veröffentlicht auf 14.03.2016
Vista Solar 
Classic Bowling Center located in Daly City, California recently assessed their energy usage and explored alternative solutions to address the high electric bill on PG &E's E-19 rate schedule. Steve DeVincenzi, the general manager, begin collaborating with Vista Solar to devise an ideal solar configuration to minimize cost on energy and maximize clean solar energy benefits. This partnership resulted in a 261kW solar solution that is projected to save Classic Bowling Center $84,973 annually.

The total savings is an estimated 88.8% offset of the regular PG &E bill, and was designed to produce 400,374kWh annually. Classic Bowling is now on an A-6 rate schedule which eliminated their high demand charges. Additionally, they were also able to take advantage of the 30% federal tax credit which will produce a payback under 3 years. With Vista Solar's 10-year workmanship warranty, production guarantee, and monitoring services at no additional cost, Classic Bowling Center's new solar solution can be enjoyed with full confidence for years to come.

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