Trina Solar Obtains Quality Certifications from TUV NORD, SGS and PVEL

Veröffentlicht auf 13.12.2012
Trina Solar 

Dec. 12, 2012 - Trina Solar Limited today announced that its PV modules have obtained certification for salt mist, sand blast and PID testing from certification bodies.

TUV NORD has certified Trina Solar's modules to the latest IEC61701:2011 Severity 1 standard for salt mist corrosion testing. Test results showed that over the entire course of testing, Trina Solar modules performed well across several indicators including ground continuity, wet leakage and insulation resistance. These results demonstrate that Trina Solar's photovoltaic modules can be reliably deployed in tough climatic environments such as coastal areas, saline soils, and areas of heavy snowfall.

Trina Solar's panels also excelled in the most rigorous blowing sand test conducted in accordance with the DIN EN 60086-2-68 LC2 standard by SGS. The test results showed minimal internal impact, which means that Trina Solar's photovoltaic panels can withstand and perform well in environments prone to severe sandstorms and strong winds.

Trina Solar's multi-crystalline panels also recently received PID Certification from PV Evolution Labs (PVEL). The certification program evaluates panels based on their ability to resist Potential Induced Degradation (PID). The test performed by PVEL subjected Trina Solar's PV modules to high-stress conditions of 85 degrees Celsius, 85% relative humidity and a voltage range of +/-1,000 volts for up to 600 hours. PVEL's certificate is the second PID certificate which Trina Solar modules have received, having been certified by TUV SUD earlier in 2012.

"Trina Solar is committed to producing reliable products that are able to function well in a variety of stressful environments," said Mr. Zhiguo Zhu, President of Trina Solar's Module Business Unit. "We will continue to work with the leading certification bodies to guarantee the quality of our products, which have garnered a first rate reputation in the marketplace."


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