Yingkou Jinchen Machinery Co., Ltd.
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Jinchen Corp. established in 1996, is a world-leading PV manufacturing equipment company, focusing on product solutions of photovoltaic solar cell & module manufacturing equipment, covering a full range of services from product customization, design, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales service to our distinguished global customers.

Jinchen has served 210+ solar enterprises worldwide, covering 30+ countries and regions, provided 350GW+ installation capacity. Jinchen's high-end intelligent equipment is widely used in new energy and new material industries, providing industrial intelligent manufacturing solutions around the globe.

Jinchen is a market leader in the photovoltaic module equipment industry, and has also become one of the world's leading practitioners of "industry 4.0". With the company’s DNAs continually focusing on R&D innovation and efficiency enhancement, Jinchen has now made major breakthroughs in high-efficiency solar cell PECVD equipment on both TOPCon and HJT technologies . Now it owns more than 687 patents on various core technologies, including 272 invention patents.

Art der Ausrüstung
Ausrüstung für Wafer-Herstellung: Sortierer der Wafer, Automatische Waferbeladung
Ausrüstung zur Solarzellen-Herstellung: Schlüsselfertige Produktionslinien für Zellen, Ausrüstung für Ätzprozess, Texturanlage, PECVD Zellen, Sortierer der Zellen, Kassette
Ausrüstung zur kristallinen Modul-Herstellung: Schlüsselfertige Produktionslinien für Module, Stringer, Laminator, Laser Zellen Schneider / Strukturierer, Rahmungsstation, Fertigungslinien, Lay-up Station, EL Tester
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