15th Solar Sri Lanka 2018 International Expo

15th Solar Sri Lanka 2018 International Expo


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Ⅰ. Introduction:

15th Solar Sri Lanka 2018 will showcase World-class Manufacturers / Suppliers from around the world from the Photovoltaic Industry. 15th Solar Sri Lanka 2018 to be held concurrently with "20th Power Bangladesh 2018", from 2~4 August 2018 at Sri Lanka International Exhibition & Convention Centre (SLECC), Colombo - Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka’s current economic development policy framework is a consolidation of Pro-poor growth strategies based on private and public sector participation in economic and social development.

Hence the 15th Solar Sri Lanka 2018 will be the biggest meeting place ever held in Sri Lanka for Buyers, Professionals and Suppliers of PV Solar Generation Systems & Equipment and will also provide an interactive platform for Exhibitors to generate business through displays / direct interaction and will enhance the synergy effect and attract top level professionals from the Industry thus improving technology, focus and visitors of the expo.

Ⅱ. Exhibition Scope:

● Solar Materials

Silicon Materials, Ingots/Blocks, Wafers, Glass, Film, Others -Companies that supply materials required for the manufacture of solar cells, solar panels (modules), etc.

● Solar Cells/ Panels (PV Modules)

Companies that manufacture solar cells/ panels (/ modules), including the companies that simply sell or distribute solar cells/ panels (/ modules) and the companies using OEM/ODM.

● Components

Batteries, Chargers, Controllers, Converters, Data Logger, Inverters, Monitors, Mounting Systems, Trackers, Other -Companies that supply products (apart from solar panels/ modules) required for a functioning grid-connected or off-grid solar power system.

● Solar Products

Lighting Products, Power Systems, Mobile Chargers, Water Pumps, Solar Houseware, Other Solar Products - Companies that manufacture products that use solar products or panels.

● PV Projects and System Integrators

PV system integrators, solar power air conditioner system, rural PV power generation system, solar power measurement and control system, solar power warming system projects, PV projects programs control, engineering control and software system. Category Description: Companies that design and sell complete photovoltaic systems in buildings (panels installed on buildings) or in solar power plants, and companies that install panels/ modules.

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