Eco-Green & Solar Expo

Eco-Green & Solar Expo


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Ⅰ. Introduction:

Eco-Green & Solar Expo will be hosted Charlotte NC, June 14-16, 2019. Our focus is to ensure an environmentally focused consumer and business expo in the US. In addition to visiting over 100’s of interactive booths with new Eco-Green and Solar products and services, guests will mingle with local, Regional and National companies. Consumers able to see and experience the latest fuel-efficient cars, preview Eco-fashion,the latest in green building, solar products and more. Attendees will be able to attend seminars held daily on various topics We focus on increasing consumer awareness and product knowledge that will boost growth in the Eco,Green and Solar Industry. We look forward in introducing some of the latest trends and products in today’s market. Empowering American Companies, while educating Americans about Eco Products- Green and Solar Power, the wave of now and the future.

Ⅱ. Expo Scope:

● Green Building & Remodeling
● Renewables, highlighting SOLAR
● Clean Technologies & Eco Products.
● Energy Saving

Ⅲ. Why Attend:

◆ Build brand name recognition​
◆ New market penetration​
◆ Introduce new products or services​
◆ Increase company revenue​
◆ Introduce or enhance your company's image​
◆ Competitor intelligence​​​
◆ Recruit dealers/distributors​
◆ Perform market research​
◆ Direct consumer sales
◆ Increase sales/write orders

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